• Dahlstrom: Dangerously Contagious Music Rebel
    I LIKE IT, I LOVE IT You have probably had breakfast with her, drank with her, drove with her, got prettier with her, cooked with her, and danced with her. You did this all while consuming or using products like Kellogg’s Special K, Covergirl, Suzuki, Surf Laundry, Pinnacle Vodka, LG, Dove, Kitchen Aid and more!   Salme Dahlstrom, is a multi-Billboard charting artist who also put such a headlock on music licensing that Wall Street
  • Jennifer Alvarado, Catfish Single Image
    GONE FISHING Jennifer Alvarado goes fishing with her new single, “catfish” and snags another country-rock tune hit that will have your foot-stomping, fingers desk-tapping, and singing along to a catchy pause and boom chorus. She wastes little time getting you there too. “Karma has a way of finding, you when you get in her way,” says Alvarado before the suspenseful quiet before she stretches her vocals and pulls you in.     Alvarado’s “Catfish” will
  • Jay Douglas Photo
    REGGAE TO BLUES Singing the blues doesn’t always mean that you’re sad and in the case of Canadian, multi-Juno nominated artist Jay Douglas it’s the farthest thing from it. The reggae icon sings the blues on his new album, “Confession”, which boasts 14 songs that are equally as hot as the album’s house on fire cover. While the genre changed for this album, his familiar vocals and style bring it all together for a set
  • Southern Songbird Jennifer Alvarado started singing before she started speaking. That has translated into the natural voice we now hear as she continues to caress the radio and internet sound waves with a welcoming sweet iced-tea charm on a hot summer day. Her gentle Vale, North Carolina accent has had us more than “curious” about where this is going, and she has kept up the momentum with a new release this summer called “Rock This
  • Chris Hale ~ The Whythouse
    It’s a little bit urban, a little bit country, and a little bit pop that gives The Whythouse a custom sound, one that breaks-free from cookie-cutter loops, licks, and riffs. That should be reason enough for you to listen to lead Chris Hale and the band. It’s not the only reason though.   Chris, a veteran Canadian Hip Hop artist broke onto the music scene several years ago, sharing the stage with talents like Maestro
  • Sarah Tolle
    When I first saw Sarah Tolle, she looked familiar. As we began to exchange instant messages and e-mail, it was so casual, I wondered if we’d been friends in high school. Given that she is a native of Wisconsin, USA currently making her home in British Columbia Canada, and that I am likely much older, I knew that was impossible. The observation is a compliment to Sarah’s friendly nature. By extension, her music inherits that
  • The Co-Conspirators
    “You could tell me anything, just don’t tell me lies” sings Katherine Simons and Will Richards on one of the new songs, “Walk Me Home Tonight”, a song they tell me is about the night they met. “A fan said we sing like we’re in love,” says Will, something that is apparent to me as their casual laughter often intertwines, complimenting moments where they seemingly want to finish each other’s thoughts, but respectfully and organically
  • Kelly Besd is a Canadian artist who is using her voice and talent to make the world a better place, progressing the message of racial injustice and discrimination through the art of music. Her debut album, Back To Me, features the song “Dreamin'” which is the catalyst in her catalogue to highlight much needed global change. Besd gets a little help from her friends, Jackie Art and K-Riz as they integrate their beat-driven words with
  • Music is often a reflection of the times, giving us a beat when we want to dance, words when we need to reflect, harmony when we need balance, and hope when there is none. The world seems to be in a place where not everyone is able to celebrate, where tolerance of each other’s views is met with doubt, looking outside the boundary of self needs and wants can be an afterthought, and a sense