Sarah Tolle

Getting Naked with Sarah Tolle

When I first saw Sarah Tolle (not naked), she looked familiar. As we began to exchange instant messages and e-mail, it was so casual, I wondered if we’d been friends in high school. Given that she is a native of Wisconsin, USA currently making her home in British Columbia Canada, and that I am likely much older, I knew that was impossible. The observation is a compliment to Sarah’s friendly nature. By extension, her music inherits that same friendliness and other elements of her positive oriented personality.


On March 18, 2022, Sarah released a new song called “Like It or Not”, which is playing on the Path Radio Mix Online. It is also featured on The Go On with Guido Podcast, where Sarah’s musical and life journey is explored through an interview that highlights her genuine love for art and people.


“Like it or not, this is how I look naked,” sings Sarah as she puts herself out there, identifying her faults, celebrating her talents, and having fun all at the same time as she invites you to dance. The message pours out beyond the music and lyrics as she aims to establish comfort for all of us in who we are, without apology. It also helps that the song has a catchy hook that I find myself singing or humming as I go about the ins and outs of daily life. If you listen, you will too.


Tolle also has other tunes in the music box that are sweet on the ear and put a hold on the heart. For instance, she passionately belts out an ode to her dedication to be there for you as she assures, “I will stay through the storm, I will not hurt you,” in her “Fight for You” song. It’s smooth. It’s sincere. It’s credible.


While Sarah is working towards several additional singles, she continues to evolve her musical learning journey with instruments and industry relationships. I jokingly call her an honorary Canadian, but maybe it’s not so much of a joke as she captures the oft kind essence of Canada with an authentic, infectious personality that makes you want to hear her music and if the opportunity arose, hang out with her, just about anywhere.


Sarah Tolle was inherently naked long before she sang about it. Her self-comfort, humble confidence, and transparency is a rare gift for an artist, and she organically translates that into her music, for you. 


You can also hear Sarah on The Path Radio Online and The Monthly Social Podcast.

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