Dahlstrom: Dangerously Contagious Music Rebel

Dahlstrom: A Dangerously Contagious Music Rebel


You have probably had breakfast with Salme, drank with her, drove with her, got prettier with her, cooked with her, and danced with her. You did this all while consuming or using products like Kellogg’s Special K, Covergirl, Suzuki, Surf Laundry, Pinnacle Vodka, LG, Dove, Kitchen Aid and more!


Salme Dahlstrom, is a multi-Billboard charting artist who also put such a headlock on music licensing that Wall Street dubbed her a “Music Licensing Queen”.  


from her album “The Acid Cowgirl Audio Trade” was licensed and used in commercials, she has kept the momentum going, embracing her panache for blending and bending music genres together to influence your purchasing experience. She will seemingly continue to do that for the foreseeable future and you’re going to like it, even love it!  



Her New York “I did it my way” aura can be dangerously contagious because while she went all-in with her music, she had and has the attitude, talent, and ambition to make it work, and not everyone can follow that recipe long enough to get people to enjoy it the first time and come back for seconds. She sets the music table with deliberation, and while anyone can get a little lucky on occasion, Salme Dahlstrom knows who she is as an artist and the direction she is going when it’s time to create. “Ambition is a beast, it gets you up in the morning,” says Dahlstrom during an interview on The Monthly Social Podcast as she talks about getting up in the morning to work in her own studio. She leaves no doubt that she works hard and works smart.



A traditionalist in putting together an album that has a theme of interconnected songs that tell a story, she promises new material as she collaborates with one of her long-time friends Kelly St. Patrick, while embarking on her own new album.  If she applies her tattoo-tough on the outside persona with her savvy, cute, witty, saintliness we’re in for more hits and treats from this Swedish-American music rebel.


You can hear the full interview, some of her music hits, and access all her media links on The Monthly Social Podcast. You can also hear her music streaming on The Path Radio Online


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