Angeles, Dale George Lytle Take the “Curtain Call”

Dale George Lytle of the band, Angeles says, (after) “all the years of aggravation, now I’m finally on my way” as he smiles with a humble swagger, pointing to his recent hit song, “On My Way”.  The self-prophesizing song has more than a cool rock melody that makes you draw the sign of the horn with one hand while you rock your head to it. It has resiliency, perseverance, lived experiences, guitar miles, and relief. In an interview on The Path Radio YouTube channel, Dale says, “it's kind of a celebration of my life… it's kind of like it's time to take off, it's time to go you know.” With more than a dozen records to the band’s credit, and a reconfiguration of members that now has Dale on guitar and lead vocals, next year’s 40th anniversary album will become the focus as the band continues its 2023 tour and charting ways.




 The band is also excited to announce they’ve signed with a new label, Curtain Call Records, distributed through Orchard/Sony. “Wow, super excited big announcement coming,” posted Dale to his Facebook followers, inviting them to tune in later for the big reveal of partnering up with the new label. Curtain Call Records adds a hot multi-charting band in the iconic “Angeles”, to an already long and impressive line-up.

You can catch the band on tour from May to August in Illinois, Texas, Ohio, and Michigan, with possibly more shows being added.  Before you see Angeles live, you can catch Dale on The Path Radio YouTube ( channel for a very personal interview experience.


You can also hear Angeles & Dale on The Path Radio Online. 

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