Sarah Moon driving in the vide of Cut N Run

Exclusive Images, Sarah Moon’s Cut N’ Run Video Premiere

Sarah Moon’s Cut N’ Run Video Premiere

Rocker, Sarah Moon catches up with The Path Radio and host Guido Piraino as they chat about the release of her Cut N’ Run video premiere.


Sarah Moon is a singer and rocker based out of Portland, Oregon USA. In June, 2023 she was featured on The Path Radio Spotlight on YouTube as she introduced her new album, Cut N’ Run. Often compared to Heart’s Ann Wilson because of her commanding power vocals, she embraces the association with adoration. Sarah’s upbringing was music-filled as she travelled the west coast with her parents who owned a sound engineering company, as they supported various musical acts. Despite the vast musical experiences, she tells us that her shy demeanour means she’s more of a singer than a talker when performing.

Sarah gives a lot of insight into her music and background on The Path Radio Spotlight, but her focus right now is to talk about her new video for Cut N’ Run as we catch up in this interview.




Guido: How have you been doing?


Sarah Moon: Hello Guido! Nice to be back. Life is good!


Guido: I understand you’ve been playing some live shows. You were recently in Vancouver, Washington. I’m guessing you rocked the house down.


Sarah Moon: We had a blast playing at one of our favourite venues, Billy Blues Bar & Grill with our friends in Shoot to Thrill (AC/DC Tribute) My album was heavily influenced by AC/DC so it was a good musical pairing.



Guido: So earlier this year you released your latest album Cut N’ Run with 8 tracks, available on Spotify, Apple Music, etc... and you can also preview it on Are you playing mostly songs from the new Cut N' Run record or mixing it up?


Sarah Moon: Yes, we are playing the Cut N’ Run record in its entirety along with a few tasty covers. My preference is to play covers that the audience isn’t used to hearing.


Guido: Now, the exciting news is that you just finished a video for your lead off track on that new album, the track also being called Cut N’ Run. When and where do we get to see that video?


Sarah Moon: The world premiere for the Cut N' Run video is November 22nd, 2023 at 10:00am on YouTube;



Guido: So, what should we take away from the video for Cut N' Run Sarah? Is there a visually complimentary story happening or are we just letting loose and enjoying some real cool footage for a cool open road song?


Sarah Moon: The concept of the album is for it to be a “Driving Album” and enjoyed while driving on the open road with the windows down and the sun in your face. The goal of the video was to capture that feeling…freedom.


Guido: Where did you shoot the Cut N' Run video? Who did you work with to produce it?


Sarah Moon: Rob Daiker produced the video. It was filmed at his studio as well as the backroads of Oregon City, OR.


Guido: Sarah without giving away too much as we’re going to get into some of the Cut N' Run video details, did everything go as planned, or did we have some bloopers or funny moments you can share in the shooting of the video?


Sarah Moon: I wish I had a great blooper story, but it was filmed on a nice warm day with a good group of people. Sweaty, we were very sweaty 😉



Sarah Moon driving in the vide of Cut N Run

Guido: Well, we’ve got some teasers for folks on the show today. We’ve got some pictures from the video. At the time of this recording, these are some not yet seen images, and we’re going to share some and talk about them today. Let’s start with this one. You’re behind the wheel of your car, open windows, sunroof, sun is shining. What’s are you thinking about at that moment?


Sarah Moon: Enjoying good tunes while driving on the open road with the wind in my hair and the sun in my face.

Guido: Is that an in-car camera shooting or outside?


Sarah Moon: Inside, by hand mostly, but there were a couple scenes where the camera was suction cupped to the window.


Sarah Moon singing in the car

Guido: Now in this next image, you’re still in the car, we have a different angle. You’re singing. There’s a whole lot of happy going on. Are you normally a car singer? A loud car singer?


Sarah Moon: Definitely. I write a lot of my song ideas in the car. The idea & chorus for Make You Feel Whole Again was written while I was driving. I also do my vocal warmups in the car on the way to gigs, which is very loud. Sorry to any passengers riding with me  🙂





Sarah Moon's Eye of The Tiger

Guido: I like this next one. You’ve got an “eye of the tiger” kind of look, wearing your vintage red look. The band is all around you kind of doing their thing, but you’re looking at us with a kind of “do you hear me, cause here I am” feel. You’re really feeling the vibe of the song here, eh?


Sarah Moon: It’s always a weird thing to perform in front of a camera, but we just got into it as if it was a live performance and did our best.





Sarah Moon Reflecting in the rear view mirror

Guido: OK one more Sarah… another shot that I love in this video… you’re in the car, with a lot of road ahead, but there’s a short reflection of you in the rear-view mirror. You’ve also got the most settled and pensive look that is different than the rest of the video. Is this shot a reflection of your career ahead with a hint of your past? Or….?


Sarah Moon: It's a reflection of the journey I took to get here and an acknowledgement of how far I’ve come musically with this album and the success it’s bringing to me and the band.



Guido: Sarah, I know you’ve got a busy schedule right now and I want to thank you for chatting with us here on The Path Radio, but before you go, any parting words for us?


Sarah Moon: Thank you, Guido! It’s always a pleasure chatting with you. I appreciate your thoughtful questions and I hope your audience enjoys the video for Cut N' Run! If any of your listeners/readers want to hear more they can stream the album on most any streaming platform and follow me on social media under @SarahMoonMusic or and watch the world premiere on November 22nd, 2023 at 10:00am on YouTube;


You can also hear Sarah's music from the Cut N' Run album on The Path Radio Online.