Katie Dauson’s Virtual Sky Past The Sea

Katie Dauson is a Richmond Hill, Ontario resident who has parlayed her passion for guitars and career challenges into an eclectic musical adventure. She is an innocently transparent storyteller whether she is performing or just having a chat with you over coffee.  

Finding Katie

While a student at York University, you could also find Katie working at the David Dunlap Observatory where she was conducting research. She would later use the observatory in one of her music videos; she has a happy smile whenever she talks about her work there. After graduating, Katie struggled to secure regular employment as a copywriter.  Still determined to use education as a foundation to find employment, she graduated from bartending school, but that too didn’t land regular work. She found Katie (her stage name) and comfort in her music and eventually decided to share it beyond her immediate circle of family and friends. With the help of her father who she says with an endearing look and chuckle, is her roadie, she began playing her music across various venues in the Richmond Hill area.

A New Album

Katie has been releasing her music on digital platforms like Spotify, where you can hear songs like “Virtual Sky”, a catchy tune that will have you craving coffee as it blends its entertaining psychedelic lyrics against a snare-driven beat. Her folk-based library is about to get a new shelf of material as she releases her new album, “Past The Sea”, a 10-song experience, on March 24th. The new album has some intriguing song titles like “The Raccoon Shuffle”, “Paper Crane”, “The Ballad of The Blue Unicorn”, and the album title track, “Past The Sea” among other fun-sounding, unique pieces that largely reflect Katie’s playfully sincere personality. 

A New Single

She also has a single called “Road Trip” releasing on May 5th. Katie recently performed her new single at the Laura Cavacece Music Showcase hosted at the Fairview Theatre in Toronto. You can find more information about Katie and her music on katidauson.ca.


You can also hear this article on The Monthly Social Podcast and some of Katie’s music streaming on The Path Radio Online.


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