Dahlstrom: A Dangerously Contagious Music Rebel


You have probably had breakfast with her, drank with her, drove with her, got prettier with her, cooked with her, and danced with her. You did this all while consuming or using products like Kellogg’s Special K, Covergirl, Suzuki, Surf Laundry, Pinnacle Vodka, LG, Dove, Kitchen Aid and more!


Salme Dahlstrom, is a multi-Billboard charting artist who also put such a headlock on music licensing that Wall Street dubbed her a “Music Licensing Queen”.  


from her album “The Acid Cowgirl Audio Trade” was licensed and used in commercials, she has kept the momentum going, embracing her panache for blending and bending music genres together to influence your purchasing experience. She will seemingly continue to do that for the foreseeable future and you’re going to like it, even love it!  



Her New York “I did it my way” aura can be dangerously contagious because while she went all-in with her music, she had and has the attitude, talent, and ambition to make it work, and not everyone can follow that recipe long enough to get people to enjoy it the first time and come back for seconds. She sets the music table with deliberation, and while anyone can get a little lucky on occasion, Salme Dahlstrom knows who she is as an artist and the direction she is going when it’s time to create. “Ambition is a beast, it gets you up in the morning,” says Dahlstrom during an interview on The Monthly Social Podcast as she talks about getting up in the morning to work in her own studio. She leaves no doubt that she works hard and works smart.



A traditionalist in putting together an album that has a theme of interconnected songs that tell a story, she promises new material as she collaborates with one of her long-time friends Kelly St. Patrick, while embarking on her own new album.  If she applies her tattoo-tough on the outside persona with her savvy, cutsie, witty, saintliness we’re in for more hits and treats from this Swedish-American music rebel.


You can hear the full interview, some of her music hits, and access all her media links on The Monthly Social Podcast. You can also hear her music streaming on The Path Radio Online


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Alvarado’s “Catfish” Will Hook You


Jennifer Alvarado goes fishing with her new single, “catfish” and snags another country-rock tune hit that will have your foot-stomping, fingers desk-tapping, and singing along to a catchy pause and boom chorus. She wastes little time getting you there too. “Karma has a way of finding, you when you get in her way,” says Alvarado before the suspenseful quiet before she stretches her vocals and pulls you in.  


Alvarado’s “Catfish” will hook you and is a formidable follow-up to the spring release, “Rock This Way”, part of a larger project called, “Songbird Part 1” that like “Catfish” shares a country-bite that makes you feel you’ve heard it before and want to hear it again. It has all the elements of a song you hand-slap your steering wheel, sing out loud at home, or hear the jingle of the buckles of your country boots as they keep the beat out on the dance floor.



Don’t dismiss this as another country fishing song because it’s not. Catfishing is a figure of speech for tricking someone into believing that you’re something you’re not, to maybe get something you would not otherwise get from them, like money, love, or even stealing their identity. She nails the message and the song, and you can listen knowing it’s all legit and you won’t find any music tricks here, as Alvarado’s “Catfish” will hook you.



You can learn more about Jennifer’s life journey, her music, and other insights on The Monthly Social Podcast. She is also featured on The Path Radio Online , internet radio on Mini-Concert Mondays, Country Thursdays, and on numerous weekend programs.  Owning her new album and other music is also possible through her website, JenniferAlvarado.com.


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Curious Leads You To Rock This Way

Southern Songbird Jennifer Alvarado started singing before she started speaking. That has translated into the natural voice we now hear as she continues to caress the radio and internet sound waves with a welcoming sweet iced-tea charm on a hot summer day. Her gentle Vale, North Carolina accent has had us more than “curious” about where this is going, and she has kept up the momentum with a new release this summer called “Rock This Way.”


As a singles artist she continues to build a portfolio of songs that could and should be part of any major country concert tour.  While doing that, she has also collaborated to make the universe go boom on a song called “Starz Collide”, teaming up with Chris Hale of The Whythouse.  


“Rock This Way” is one song from a larger project called, “Songbird” that Jennifer will be sharing with us in 2022. The song has instant grab.  A guitar crunch opens to an anthem-type drum beat that could carry a crowd clap-along while she talks you through it. “We’re gonna keep on keeping on,” says Alvarado as she promises to keep on rocking’.  She leaves little doubt that’s just what she will do.


An interview with her on The Monthly Social Podcast reveals how Jennifer uses her music as a tool for helping others. Her ability to help extends beyond music as she provides support through recovery ministry. “We’re given trials in life so we either become bitter or we become better,” says Alvarado as she talks about helping others overcome life challenges.


There’s a lot of good music coming from this rising star. There is also a lot of good music already available from her too. You can start your Jennifer Alvarado journey just about anywhere in her music catalogue and it will take you from a country porch to an old memory, a dance floor, and even singing along on your summer drive.  


You can learn more about Jennifer’s life journey, her music, and other insights on The Monthly Social Podcast. You can also hear her music streaming on The Path Radio Online.


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Find Your Room In The Whythouse

It’s a little bit urban, a little bit country, and a little bit pop that gives The Whythouse a custom sound, one that breaks-free from cookie-cutter loops, licks, and riffs. That should be reason enough for you to listen to lead Chris Hale and the band. It’s not the only reason though.


Chris, a veteran Canadian Hip Hop artist broke onto the music scene several years ago, sharing the stage with talents like Maestro Fresh Wes, Shawn Desman, Melanie Durrant, Blue Rodeo, The Trews, and Sam Roberts. Despite the time gap between those moments and today, he doesn’t shy away from the memories, instead using them as a learning experience to navigate the current path that leads us to The Whythouse.  That experience, along with pandemic reflections led him to today’s million+ streams on Spotify, also supported by other platforms. That doesn’t happen by accident.


The Whythouse songs pour ingredients into a mixer and spit out a product that leaves fans coming back for more and music pundits searching for the ingredients in the recipe. Through pockets of classic music homage, cozy country music synergy, modern pop beats, and reaching into a plinko-bag of other genres, the music draws a diverse base that spans generations.


“All of our stuff is very feel-good type stuff… with the world today, this is what we need,” says Chris during our interview on The Go On with Guido Podcast as we explored his recent new release on April 10, 2022, called “Let It Roll, which can also be heard on The Path Radio Mix Online.  The Whythouse has been enjoying success with other songs, “She Said Hi”, and “Starz Collide”, a collaboration featuring artist Jennifer Alvarado. If you’re looking for an artist that reflects the music, you’ll get that in Chris Hale as he lives up to another song, “Gotta Be Me.”


Chris continues to build the new house with innovative ideas that would surely make it sell for over-asking on the open market as he re-designs, renovates, and brings in a collective of music talents to add something special to each room. Consider this your open invitation to explore The Whythouse.


You can get additional insights and links on The Whythouse journey, collaborations, and songs on The Go On with Guido Podcast.