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Elyse Saunders is Famous, Strong & Free

Elyse Saunders is a Canadian country music singer and songwriter who has been making waves in the industry since her debut album in 2008. She has a distinctive voice and style that blends traditional and modern influences, creating catchy and heartfelt songs that resonate with listeners. She continues to be one of the most promising talents in the country music scene.



Saunders was born and raised in Peterborough, Ontario, where she grew up listening to her parents' record collection of classic country artists like Dolly Parton, Johnny Cash, and Patsy Cline. She started singing at a young age and performed at local fairs and festivals. She also learned to play guitar and piano and began writing her own songs. She moved to Toronto to pursue her music career and signed with a management company that helped her record her first album, “I'm On My Way”, which was released independently in 2008. The album received positive reviews and earned her a nomination for Female Artist of the Year at the Ontario Country Music Awards.



Since then, Saunders has released two more albums: Nothing To Lose in 2011 and Free in 2019. She has also collaborated with other artists and producers, such as Dan Swinimer, Jason Barry, David Leask, and Cyril Rawson. Some of her most popular songs include "Rise", "Feel You Leaving", "Free", and "Sunshine State Of Mind". She has also performed at various venues and events across Canada and the US, such as the Canadian Country Music Awards, Boots and Hearts Festival, Havelock Country Jamboree, Nashville North Stage, and Country Music Week.


Saunders has also received several accolades and recognition for her music. She won the Rising Star Award at the 2012 Wire Awards, the Best Country Artist Award at the 2014 Toronto Independent Music Awards, and the Female Vocalist of the Year Award at the 2019 CMAO Awards. She was also nominated for the SiriusXM Rising Star Award at the 2019 CCMA Awards. She has been featured on various media outlets, such as CBC Music, Global News, CTV Morning Live, SiriusXM Canada, Country 105 FM, Canadian Musician Magazine, The Path Radio, and The Monthly Social Podcast.



She has been making waves in the industry with her award-nominated EP "Free" and her latest single "Famous". Elyse Saunders was one of the guests on the January 29, 2023, episode of The Monthly Social Podcast, hosted and produced by Guido Piraino. Elyse talked about her journey as a country music artist, from growing up in a small town to playing in Nashville. She also discussed the challenges and opportunities for women in the music industry, and how she balances her country roots with her city lifestyle, "I'm always inspired by other artists who are doing amazing things in the industry. Some of my influences are Shania Twain, Carrie Underwood, Maren Morris, and Kacey Musgraves. They are all strong, talented, and fearless women who have paved their own paths and created their own sound." Saunders also revealed some of the secrets behind her music videos, such as how she filmed "Free" in an abandoned house, adding, "I created 'Free' as a means of bringing joy to others. It's a collection of songs that celebrate life, love, and freedom. It's also a reflection of my personal growth as an artist and a songwriter." The segment was well-received by listeners, who praised her for her talent, charisma, and authenticity. Many fans commented that they loved her songs and her voice, and that they were looking forward to hearing more from her. Her song "Famous" held the number 1 spot on thepathradio.com indie music charts for several weeks and has been on both the Indie and Airplay charts for over four months.



Elyse continues her live performance shows and there is no doubt why as she says, "I love performing live and connecting with my fans. It's such a rewarding feeling to see people singing along to your songs and having a good time.” The Path Radio caught up with her in Mississauga at The Rec Room Square One where she headlined an evening of country music, dubbed the “Mississauga Mixer”, following Kendra Gabrielle, New Moon Junction, and Alessia Cohle.  


On May 6, 2023, Elyse Saunders performed at her first sold-out solo show at the Main Street Music Hall in Newmarket, Ontario where the audience surrounded her with her trademark red solo cups as they sang along, grabbed autographs, cool merchandise, and snapped selfies with a photogenic Saunders. She was completely in her element as she greeted fans, belted out powerful vocals, and had a confident, but humble swagger to her boot stompin’ steps. Her stage presence reflected a strong sense of self-awareness when she says, “I'm at the point now that I really feel like I'm coming into my own and have something that is really resonating for people."


Since those shows, Elyse has continued her music appearances across Canada, showing up at festivals and venues as she prepares to perform at the 11th Annual CMAOntario (Country Music) Awards Show. She is also nominated for Music Video of The Year for her song, “Genes”, and Female Artist of the Year. After watching her videos, hearing her music, soaking in her live performances, observing her genuine engagement with fans, and seeing how hard she has worked at delivering a music product that is authentic, has melody, substance, and entertainment value, she’s already a winner in the eyes of her fans, who are growing in number every day, while holding up their red solo cup in acknowledgement.


You can catch the band on tour from May to August in Illinois, Texas, Ohio, and Michigan, with possibly more shows being added.  Before you see Angeles live, you can catch Dale on The Path Radio YouTube (https://youtube.com/@thepathradiomix) channel for a very personal interview experience.



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Elyse Saunders is a country music star who has a lot to offer to the genre and to the world. She has a unique voice and sound that reflects her personality and passion. She has an impressive track record of achievements and awards that showcase her talent and hard work with a rich heritage that inspires her music and connects her to her roots. A role model for aspiring artists and a delight for country music fans, if you haven't listened to her music yet, you are missing out on one of the best country music artists on the scene today.


While you can enjoy Elyse Saunders interview on The Monthly Social Podcast  or any podcast platform like Spotify, Apple, Google, Amazon and others, the video version of her interview will also be posted on the new Monthly Social Podcast YouTube channel. You can also hear Elyse Saunders on The Path Radio Online



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