Dreamin’ with Kelly Besd Takes Us All, “Back To Me”

Kelly Besd is a Canadian artist who is using her voice and talent to make the world a better place, progressing the message of racial injustice and discrimination through the art of music. Her debut album, Back To Me, features the song “Dreamin'” which is the catalyst in her catalogue to highlight much needed global change. Besd gets a little help from her friends, Jackie Art and K-Riz as they integrate their beat-driven words with her melodic interludes.


“We different that’s what is special”, in the middle of the first verse bridges all notion of race as we wait for Besd to harmonize in with, “I’m dreamin, bout somethin I believe in, said I’m dreamin, that on each other we are leanin.” The artists do a smooth lyrical shuffle and transition that impresses the message while keeping you musically engaged and entertained.


The song continues to make waves as it gets coverage from radio stations and other media. The video for “Dreamin’” is one of two songs that was recognized in Dropout Entertainment’s (https://dropoutentertainment.ca/) 4th annual Canadian independent music video awards under the Pop category for Besd. The song was also featured on The Go On with Guido Podcast (https://something4everyone.guidopiraino.com ) and has been spinning here on The Path Radio Mix Online (https://thepathradio.com).


While Besd might have self-reflected with the album title, she also nudges us all to our own “back to me” moments as we reflect on “Dreamin”.